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Innovative solutions for cable networks
  • Handhole
  • Pedestal
  • Fiber Access Terminal

Portable Handhole
Portable Handhole
  • HH-PIT-P-ODC (PEM 3036 series)
  • HH-PIT-P-ODP (PEM 1818 series)
  • HH-PIT-P-HA (VPB1732401)

Structural foam molded high density polyethylene, also called HDPE, is a light weight, high strength plastic molding process that provides outstanding structural integrity and durability. HDPE enclosures are mated with covers made from a variety of materials: HDPE, polymer concrete or steel. This combination creates a highly versatile choice for underground utility enclosures where low weight and high strength are necessary.

Size  (inch/mm) Depth  (inch/mm) Designations
30”x36” (762×915) 30” (762) PEM 3036-30
30”x36” (762×915) 36” (915) PEM 3036-36
30”x36” (762×915) 48” (1220) PEM 3036-48
18” x 18” 24” (610) PEM 1818-24
18” x 18” 48” (1220) PEM 1818-48
400×249 400 VPB1732401

Portable Handhole
Circular Handhole
  • VPR58501

Velnah’s Circular Handhole is a robust underground access pit suitable for telecommunications, electrical, water and transport infrastructure deployments where product strength and integrity are paramount.

Specifically designed to withstand high static loads and perform in harsh environmental conditions. The Circular Handhole is manufactured from a strong and lightweight HDPE material making it portable.

Model Lid Type Load Rating Unit Weight Lock Option
VPR58501 HDPE Overlap Class A 20 kg ¼ Turn Security

Portable Handhole

Designed and tested for compliance with Western Underground Committee Guide 3.6, Telcordia GR-902 and GR-13, and ANSI/SCTE 77-2007 which is referenced in the National Electric Code (N.E.C.) section 314.30 as the requirement for enclosure integrity.

Performance tests

  • Three position load testing for structural integrity verification.
    (Vertical, Vertical Sidewall and Lateral Sidewall loading)
  • UV Degradation per ASTM G-53.
  • Fire Resistance per RUS7CFR 1755.910 and WUC 3.6 Section 5.2.7.
  • Chemical Resistance per ASTM D-543.
  • Water Absorption per ASTM D-570.
  • Impact Resistance per ASTM D-2444.
  • Accelerated Service per ASTM D-756.
  • Weathering per ASTM D-822.
  • Static Coefficient of Friction (Cover Slip Test) per ASTM C1028-96.

Pedestal Handhole
  • PFD1732871

The Velnah Pedestal Handhole, is a 2 in 1 above-ground access solution for housing fiber distribution point (DP) enclosures and storing drop fiber cable in Fiber-To-The Premise (FTTP) deployments.

The unit is supplied with a universal mounting bracket to accommodate readily available 8 and 16-way fiber DP’s.

  • A Single “ALL IN ONE’ Complete Solution
  • No Concrete Plinth for Pedestal
  • Excavate ONE Hole Only
  • No Additional Civil Works, Ducting & Cabling
  • Height is only 450mm above ground level
  • Slim oval shape design
PEDESTAL HANDHOLE : Transformation of Underground Distribution Network into the Future!
  • An Innovative UNIQUE ALL-IN-ONE Underground Pedestal SOLUTION SYSTEM.
  • A complete Pedestal Solution consists of the PEDESTAL COVER combined with the ACCESS HANDHOLE BASE to accommodate FAT Box.
  • ONE installation, ENTIRE  Underground Distribution Network is COMPLETED.

Fiber Access Terminal


  • BFAT81
  • BFAT161

Velnah’s Fiber Optic Access Terminal is a compact, versatile and user friendly enclosure for service distribution and connection of residential and commercial subscribers in FTTH networks. Its distinctive design accommodates pre-terminated or field installed connectors and offers individual cable storage for loose tube, drop cable and pigtail assemblies.

The enclosure features easy access to subscriber connections and cable splicing and splitter compartments, whilst its unique tool-less drop cable retention system offers quick installation and effective cable management.

Part No. Description
BFAT81 Fibre Access Terminal, w/o Splitter, SC/APC Adapter (8), Black; Blank Logo
BFAT161 Fibre Access Terminal, w/o Splitter, SC/APC Adapter (16), Black; Blank Logo
Simple & Easy to use – minimize mistakes & save cost.
Straightforward and Faster customer connections – Save time and money.
High security of KEY components, such as PLC optical splitters are secured and well hidden. This minimizes theft of splitters, thus saving cost.
Suitable for ALL types of optical distribution point applications.  The lower stock of inventory of other FAT Boxes.
Innovatively engineered, cost-effective, robust, and durable.
  • Caters for pass-through feed cable configurations. Hence, well suited for Multi-Dwelling installations.
  • Large internal storage capacity for Drop Cable slacks, therefore neater installations and allows both pre-connectorised and field terminations.
  • Substantial Internal Storage capacity for slack Fibre, allows greater flexibility for customer connections arrangement.
  • Customer Termination on Front of Panel, no need to move panels or transfer fibres from one section to another.
  • Outer  Cover and Inner Panel can be removed, making the installation of feed and branch cables easier and more convenient.
  • Can Accommodate a Branch Cable of up to 24F.
  • Inner Panel Rotates Down, providing ready access to rear cabling.
  • Mounting Fixtures Integrated into Rear Casing.
Suitable for ALL Three
  • Pole mount
  • Wall mount
  • Pedestal Installations
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