About NVT - Video transciever

NVT is a global company with offices in Oakville, California, London UK, Prague, Belgium and Singapore. NVT is home to the only switches globally to deliver Ethernet and Power over a single pair of telephony-grade wire or Coax with 4-5 times the reach of traditional data switches.

Future proof

The NVT switches were designed specifically to handle any organization’s existing or future real-time security requirements, delivering a robust platform while ensuring quality of service today and into the future.

PT. Konexindo Unitama is a distributor of NVT Video transciever covertors from analog to digital and back to analog in order to extend the video signal beyond coxial limits (up to 1.5 kilometers)

PT. Konexindo Unitama is a distributor of convertors for NVT ethernet over coaxial cable and two wire cable. This technology allows customers to connect and power IP/Megapixel cameras using installed coaxial  or 2-Wire cable at distances beyond power over ethernet (POE).

Convert video data together

Mrs. Michelle Product Manager
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