At Your Service

You know what direction you want your company to go. It is our job to help ensure you have the IT capability to get there. Let us know what you need and we'll provide the solutions.

PT. Konexindo Unitama is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

Skilled & Experienced

Data Center specific skill sets include:

- Uptime Institute Certified - ATS and AOS

- CDCP - TIA 942 Standard

- PMP The Project General Company

- Heating, cooling, BMS, DCIM 

- Power

- Fiber optic and broadband cabling 

Data center services

  • Evaluate and recommend data center design
  • Continuously improve critical facility operations 
  • Tier standard best practices
  • Increase ability to provide a consistent and proven set of standards, processes and measurements across an entire data center portfolio
  • Increases ROI via better management process
  • Conduct data center evaluations for corporate use
  • Align critical facility operations to support  sustainable data center operations