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Video management software for Industry

June 27, 2023

Video management software for industry by Eocortex: why do you need it and how do you use it?

Video management software is one of the most effective tools designed to monitor production processes, to ensure safety and to prevent possible incidents. This article will describe why VMS is an essential element of industrial infrastructure and how to use it properly to achieve your goals.

  1. Production processes monitoring

Video management software ensures production processes monitoring at every stage: starting from materials preparation up to finished product assembly with the help of video analytics modules: Object Classification and Counting, Abandoned Object Detection. These features are essential for manufacturers where every stage contributes to the quality of the final product.

  1. Health and safety in industry

Video management software facilitates prevention of possible industrial incidents like thefts, accidents and casualties. Eocortex software enables you to promptly respond to any deviations and to take measures preventing negative consequences. This task in Eocortex is ensured through: Uniform Detector module, Smoke & Fire Detection and Loud Sound Detection modules.

  1. Access control at site

Moreover, intelligent Eocortex VMS is capable to detect unauthorized access to the production site or to ensure face recognition of the employees to prevent theft and other incidents. For instance, one of the energy sector companies uses Eocortex VMS as follows:

–       Fence intrusion detection (enable flood lighting and alarm generation): alarm event in Eocortex software triggers the scenario in access control system)

–       Safety at the elevator turnstile hall (monitoring the events by cameras)

–       Crawling detection system (vibration strip): Eocortex receives input from the access control system when vibration strip is triggered and the software will highlight the cameras detecting the alarm event

  1. Improve production performance

Video management software enables production processes optimization and reduction of the operation duration. For example, you can use video analytics to identify the most efficient work methods and to optimize production lines.

Specifically, Eocortex designed a Personnel Monitoring module to monitor personnel performance including minimization of human factor risks.

  1. Improve product quality

VMS can help identify problems at work and take measures to eliminate them. For example, in case of production line failure you can easily determine the cause (sending an alarm signal to the control panel, searching through the archive) and fix it, therefore avoiding the downtime losses during the production process.

  1. Reduce safety related expenses

VMS will help to reduce safety related expenses of the production. Video cameras operate 24-hours a day providing continuous surveillance of the production processes. Cost saving is also achieved by application of PTZ cameras which can be controlled through Eocortex.

As we can see, video management software is an essential element of the industrial infrastructure. It facilitates monitoring of the production processes, ensuring safety of the production and enhancing labour efficiency. Eocortex software perfectly fits into large-scale systems thanks to thousands of integrated solutions with most of the well-known access control and fire alarm systems on the market, as well as video streams transferring to the access control system, events analytics and event feedback from the access control system.

Contact Eocortex for more details and information on how to effectively use video management software to achieve your goals.

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